PROJECT REVIEW: #WhatAWeek by @WhoIsPrestige

#WhatAWeek is the latest project by artist @WhoIsPrestige, and the whole mood of the project is relatable for millennials everywhere. The project has the perfect amount of tracks to keep listeners engaged, and it goes in chronological order of a typical week for 90s babies. Most of us can identify with the intro of this project — getting calls from Sallie Mae and having to deal with other responsibilities.

Overall this whole project is relatable. Broke, in debt, but we’re all trying to grind and get it on our own. We could have been what society demands of us but we have our own dreams just trying to do the “Damn Thing”.

Notable lines:

  • “Now I got no time to be broke bitch, way too busy doing dope shit to know this”

“Round Me” is  pretty much about “fake love”, and let’s be honest, we don’t want any of that negative energy. The story is always the same, they talk about you  behind your back, thinkin’ you’re not hip, but then see they you doing something with your life and want to hop on the band-wagon.

Question for Prestige: “What was your motivation behind “Bum Tru Interlude/ Complicated” and your collab with Eboni-Thair? And why did you choose to sample Get Away by The Internet?


“The inspiration came from ‘Situationships‘. In my generations (millennials) we tend to have a problem with defining relationships or monogamy. I feel like nowadays people are in relationships just for social media. I wanted to speak from my own experience and just be real about. From line in bum tru “her man just left the crib” to Complicated lines like “I wanna tell you that I’m done with us, but can’t help but go back n forth like double dutch”. Girls are really out here cheating on their #MCE and vice versa, while people such a myself are single but have complicated situationships and can’t help but say one day, ‘I’m done with you’ then the next day go right back because you don’t want anyone else to have them. This producer from the DMV that goes by ‘NADRA’ produced it and I heard it on Soundcloud, actually. I have no idea what made him sample The Internet. I’ll have to ask him and get back to [y’all] one of these days.”

Trilla’s favorite track is track 7, “WTP”.  Prestige is 3-for-3 on this track when it comes to his flow, the bars, and his confidence. Wayyyy too poppin’! Glo’s favorite track follows after. “Everyday” is so @KidCudi vibes, who happens to be one of her favorite artists, and she can appreciate when one does his vibe justice!

Notable lines:

  • “Ima crack a smile on my worst day, as long as I’m alive I’m in first place”

WHOISPRESTIGE definitely has the art of telling stories with his music and “What A Week” is a prime example. Instead of heavy hitting bars, he takes you on a lyrical journey throughout the project and you get a glimpse into Prestige’s window of life. “4 U” is a great bonus track that we’re sure the ladies will love. This one is collectively a fave of Your #FavoriteHippies. His artistry on this song and in a few other moments throughout the project reminded Trilla of Big Sean. If a guy wrote a song for either of us, we both agreed that we’d want “4 U” to be it. *Sidenote: The Fire & Desire by Drake semi-sample is EVERYTHING!

Overall, this project is very solid and WHOISPRESTIGE has created a great foundation to build from. His energy and personality match the energy presented from WHAT A WEEK and we’re excited to hear what comes from him in the future.


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