The Kickback: Ep. 1 – This is Us

I’m a believer in signs, and when I kept hearing “podcast” come up. I love podcasts, and if you’ve been keeping up with THJ, you knew for a while that I was posting about my favorite podcast, The Read, every week.

I’ve teamed up my sister, @LongLiveJGibbs, to do a weekly podcast. Jas and I talk pretty much all day everyday about music, pop culture, politics, etc. For our premiere episode, we treated it like a normal conversation at a kickback where we talked anything that came to mind & that we hadn’t had the chance to dissect together via an actual conversation. We both apologize for the hyperactivity that was our first episode, but like the title explains: This is Us. Hope you listen, enjoy, and see the potential of my newest venture, and we’ll catch you on the next episode of The Kickback!

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