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Pass Da Aux 6.30.16

@TGR_MOE @GRXZZLY94 @DEVONTELANDRY1 @RIZTHAGREAT @HOOPINTIMI @OLUMIDE301 If you haven’t been paying attention to what your #FavoriteHippies have been up to, we’ve been hosting interviews at Pass Da Aux every other Thursday at Noble Lounge in DC. Check our site to find all of the latest interviews and if you would like more information on how […]

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Within a week’s time-span your favorite bloggers were back on the scene – again, at The Fillmore. Just the Sunday prior we saw A$AP Ferg and YG during their BestCoast Connection Tour; this time we were there to see rapper Cawlsted, Cloud 9, and artist Visto. The Fillmore had a much more intimate vibe for this show, and all of The Hippie Junkies were ready to get ‘groovy’ at the ‘Love Riot”.

It was our first time working as Socialites, representing Supreme House. We were excited to see many familiar faces and many more fresh faces. Every artist did a phenomenal job and there was an electric feeling as we watched our friends perform; Cawl Sted and Rayy (saxophone player for Cloud 9) of Lastniight Music Group.

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BestCoast Connection Tour Write-Up

A$AP Ferg in concert For weeks, the team was excited to see YG and A$AP Ferg in concert. As fans of both of them, and avid listeners of Ferg’s latest mixtape Ferg Forever we couldn’t wait to hear our favorite ‘lit’ songs from the mixtape. Sadly, on January 18th, we woke up to the news that […]

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Beettrip Episode 27 x The Hippie Junkie

We pulled up to Llamadon, a hipster juice bar with drawings of llamas all over the counter, and walked out with a whole new appreciation for the Baltimore rap scene. Upon walking into the hole-in-the wall juice bar, we were met by a small standing crowd, a few people sitting around, and others setting up […]

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D.R.A.M x The Hippie Junkie

#1EpicNight #Fergsomnia #SuperLit …simply put.

Took a trip to VA spontaneously to support friends and artist D.R.A.MDP and Black Zheep. We hope you enjoy these clips from the show, we surely did.

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Kassim x The Hippie Junkie

Kassim of 20NVR chalks it up with The Hippie Junkies about his rap process, and his single Overthink.

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