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#TigerFest2016 DJ Mustard & Rae Sremmurd Playlist

If you know us personally, you know TigerFest is kind of a big deal. In preparation for this year’s concert, it’s only right to drop a playlist of the hottest tracks by DJ Mustard and Rae Sremmurd. Don’t be that person at the show mumbling words that you know you don’t know the lyrics to, […]

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A Conversation With x Omen

The Hippies expected their first day of class at Towson University to be dull, and we were only going to do a post about Back to Class Fashion, but then an opportunity fell in our laps that we could not resist. While tabling on campus, one of our friends @_Don_P hooked The Hippies up with […]

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Katrina X Sam Lorenzo

Sam Lorenzo out of the DMV area (Maryland) and is apart of the new and buzzin’ group Freshmen On Varsity. They have been at it for 2 years now and they’re catalog of music and refreshing visuals are unmatched. The group as a collective are very versatile and creative artists that like to take it into different directions on […]

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Black Benjie

Towson’s very own Kassim star of short film Black Benjie.

See what your fellow Towson Tigers have been up to. Towson greeks, athletes, and other peers are featured. 

I hope you enjoy as much as we did!

– xoxo, Trilla

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Kassim x The Hippie Junkie

Kassim of 20NVR chalks it up with The Hippie Junkies about his rap process, and his single Overthink.

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