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@Jessic_nt , I’m your newest fan <3

Im chillin at the crib listening to A3C showcase submissions, and Jessicunt sends her latest mix my way. WOW, I’m amazed. I’m a sucker for a dope mix and these are exactly the vibes I am looking for. If you aren’t hip to this talented young lady, you need to get hip ASAP! This is […]

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The Midnite BBQ Sounds

When you hear the name Mannie Fresh what comes to mind? Well for me, I think of: the early 2000’s, Cash Money Records, and some of the greatest hits of my childhood. In honor of one of the best DJ’s to ever kill the game ¬†and to the best cookout I’ve ever been to, I […]

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The Jumpoff x John Wells

John Wells‘ “The Jump Off” was inspired by Baltimore’s own DJ K Swift. In the video, Wells uses the drug trade as an extended metaphor for the creative process he goes through when making music. The track is filled with witty word play and explosive delivery. Check it out we hope you enjoy!

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