Stop, Look, Listen: #FavoriteHippies x #AllTheFlyKids

We had so much fun being the first 2017 interview on @GeronimoKnows‘ podcast, #AllTheFlyKids. If you aren’t familiar, he names every episode after a song title. For our interview we were: Stop, Look, Listen by MC Lyte. We loved Geronimo’s energy and talking about our Trap Mom Commandments! No one has ever asked us about them before! We also chatted about being millennials, finessing, securing the bag, and being ‘bad and boujee’ (special s/o to our bae/bey: @QuavoStuntin).

We also talked about some of our DC faves when it comes to music and clothing. Below you can find a playlist with songs that feature some of the ones mentioned in the podcast, along with more of our faves (btw, more DMV curated playlists coming soon!)

We also talked our favorite lifestyle brands:

Special shout-out to Ean Williams, the creator of DC Fashion Week.

The only way to end this post is to simply tell you all to…STOP. LOOK. and LISTEN. We’re going to be on the scene, and we’re sticking with our motto of “Helping Imaginative People Prosper”. We’re determined to let you all know what’s going on our home-turf. Hope you enjoyed!

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