Songs That Mention The G.O.A.T

Today we lost one of the Greatest boxers the world has known. Muhammad Ali had a legacy in boxing that most artists wish to parallel in their music career. So, it makes sense as to why so many would reference his name whenever talking about anything larger than life. Here are a few songs that mention the late and great, Muhammad Ali.

“I refugee from Guantanamo Bay,

Dance around the border like I’m Cassius Clay” – Pras

“Just like Muhammad Ali,

They called him Cassius,

Watch me bash this”

“That ain’t how it’s supposed to be or butterfly

But for the sake of rhymin’, let’s just say butterfly-ey

The truth stings like Muhammad Ali,

I tell ’em, tell ’em don’t homicide me”


“Ooohh la la ah oui oui,

I say Muhammad Ali,

ya say Cassius Clay,

I say butter,

you say Parkay…”


“See me on the fifty yard line with the Raiders.

Met Ali he told me I’m the greatest.”


“They try to box me in like Cassius Clay.

Hey I’m like Muhammad when he fasted,

Opposing the fascist, make cuts and got gashes”

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