Young Jefe 2 = That New Crack

When your #FavoriteHippies received a text from @DJCStylez_ inviting us to @ShyGlizzy‘s release party for #YJ2, we knew we had to be there. The DMV can sometimes be defined as “sophisticated ignorance” and a prime example of this form of “Black Excellence” was the release party. Arriving at 9:30PM, Glizzy drew an eclectic crowd to this private event. From local DJs like C-Stylez, and @DJStevo, radio personality DJs like @DJQuickSilva and @WHOisFREEEZ, and artists including @Tate_Kobang, @ChazFrenchMusic, @Lightshow10thPL, and @WillThaRapper. Boxer @Dusty30th was also in the building, and what is a Shy Glizzy listening party without the #GlizzyGang? Many of us were brushing shoulders with some of the DMV’s finest. There weren’t many females in the building to represent so your #FavoriteHippies sat back, relaxed, and let our charm do the talking. Before we knew it, we were meeting industry professionals and chatting with local celebrities and we didn’t even know it.

#favoritehippies x @ShyGlizzy at the #YJ2 private listening party
#favoritehippies x @ShyGlizzy at the #YJ2 private listening party

YJ2 is a 12-track mixtape that has no features on it. We immediately liked the tape and if you are familiar why Shy’s music, you know that he only uses fire beats. For every song, THJ just kept exclaiming about how much we liked the beat. A few standouts from the tape that we immediately liked from the jump were: You Know What, New Crack, Ride 4 U, and Huh?

Overall, this tape is more “mellow” than his last few projects, and it’s a tape that one can listen to straight through. And we have to put respek on Glizzy’s name, because he’s a real cool person and how can you not like someone who does their job in this industry and has a humble personality? AND, this project has no features. Don’t get us wrong, he was lit while listening to his project with the Glizzy Gang, but after the fact, he went right back into mellow mode. Overall, the night was a success, and if you haven’t listened to the tape, head on over to Apple Music or Spotify to hear it. Support the home team!

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