Q&A: Krystle Newman, CEO of Winked Eyelashes

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Being a female entrepreneur, what setbacks did you face while trying to establish your brand in the Milwaukee and Atlanta areas?

  •  Starting out, one of the major setbacks that occurred for me was figuring out where to start. It was one of those things of I knew where I wanted to start but I didn’t know where to start. Luckily, my manager King Davis stepped in to assist the whole experience of helping me start my own business. Another set back I faced was bringing a new product into a saturated market.unnamed-8
    Just like the hair industry, there are a lot of companies selling mink eyelashes. One of the things that makes us stand out was the name that was chosen, the packaging and also the quality of the product.

Where did your interest in eyelashes come from? 

  • Well the interest came from so many girls always complimenting me on my eyelashes. What girls doesn’t love to be gorgeous all the time. One key thing about me – I love to have my hair, nails, eyebrows and eyelashes done to perfection. I just feel like eyelashes just bring that star quality out any female because it adds a little mystery to every girl.
Who are some influencers from both Milwaukee and Atlanta that you would like to collaborate with, if you aren’t already in the talks of collaborating with already?
  • One of my favorite female influences in Atlanta that I would love to work with is the CEO of Cupcake Mafia. She is such a positive role model for any young female that is looking to start their own business. I really love the story of how she started her business and how she worked hard to build the brand that she has today.
Do you feel as though she has any competition in your field of work, and if so, how are you different from your competitors? 
  • I feel that there is plenty of competition out here especially because of social media. Social media has allowed a lot of people to become entrepreneurs over night, which is a good thing and a bad thing. With Winked Eyelashes, we are very different because our quality of eyelashes stand amongst even the stiffest of competition. Our name can easily be remembered and our packaging is great. Our mink eyelashes are 100% mink, cruelty free as well as natural feeling and looking.
What charities/organizations are you associated with?
  • We are working with RAINN foundation. The RAINN Foundation is the nations largest anti-sexual assault organization. We decided to partner with them because there are a lot of females that have been raped or experienced sexual assault by someone they once loved. We feel it’s important to promote beauty and self love to women that have experienced something so traumatic.
Are there any urban models-turned-entrepreneurs that she looks up to? If so, who and why? 
  • Yes, some of my favorite models turned entrepreneurs are Keyshia Kaoir and Rosa Acosta. I really like Rosa Acosta because she has come along way with her brand. I remember her starting out as an urban model. She appeared in all the magazines and was highly spoken about on a regular basis. She definitely built her band up enough to launch her business. She opened a clothing store with a few other female entrepreneurs by the name of Cossamia.
Is there anything that you wish to tell young, black, aspiring entrepreneurs (like Your #FavoriteHippies) about entering the business world? — any words of encouragement, advice, etc. 
  • Yes, I would tell them to keep going and keep striving for greatness. It won’t be easy in the beginning but it will be well worth it in the end. Entrepreneurship is a lifestyle because it takes a lot of effort and a lot of dedication. Whatever it is in life that you want to do or even be – go after it because with hard work you can accomplish anything you set your mind too.


Site: www.winkedeyelashes.com

Model/CEO: @_janedoe_getdoe



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