Garnish: The Only Web Series on Culture, Causes & Commerce in D.C. + Baltimore

The web series “Garnish” is a brand new short documentary-styled web series that highlights culture, causes and commerce in D.C. and Baltimore. These facets are often seen as mere decorations or distractions, and as a consequence, are rarely documented. Every week, I present a a new episode focusing on everything from musicians to magicians, activists to artisans.

When our friend @Electric_Llama told us about his new web series, Garnish, we read his introduction and were instantly intrigued. What we liked most was how it really opened our eyes to what’s happening in our area. We’re all about the exposure of our stomping grouds.¬†Antonio has done this by giving his audience less than 5 minute clips (thus far) into various topics that you’re not commonly seeing on other media platforms today. These episodes are long enough that you really get information, but short enough that you’re really engaged in the topic for the whole time. And every episode makes you want to know more. At the end of Ep. 2, he teases Ep. 3 and we we’re excited to¬†learn more about it. Check out Eps. 1 above, and Ep. 2 below:

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