Food (And Beer) For Thought: The Midnite BBQ

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]So, obviously when you go to a cookout or a BBQ, you plan on eating some good food and drinking some good alcohol (if you’re of age, of course). We sampled 3 of the food trucks at @TheMidniteBBQ and we sampled the beer at @RavenBeer.

IMG_2986The first food truck that we sampled was @RioChurrascoDC. Their speciality is Brazilian cuisine, and “Churrasco” in Portuguese literally means “barbeque”. They let us try two types of sirloins – a top sirloin and a baby sirloin with garlic. Wow. That sirloin with garlic was so delicious and succulent. The garlic is not overwhelming at all when you try the steak, but you definitely know it’s there. Everything on their menu is also reasonably priced for the amount of food you get. IMG_2987If you ever were thinking about going to Brazil, which I know I have, and you’re in the DMV area, THJ highly suggests that you try Rio Churrasco and after you do, you won’t hesitate to book that flight to Brazil.

The next food truck we tried was @RoamingRooster1. While we were waiting for our Honey Butter sandwich, we were informed that they are one of the #1 Fried Chicken Foodtrucks in the DC area. IMG_2991The Honey Butter sandwich is #fortheculture. It is a fried chicken sandwich with coleslaw and cheese. Neither of us are huge fans of coleslaw, but the coleslaw on this sandwich was so delicious. Trilla was also a huge fan of the cheese, as she ate both the slices that were on the sandwich – one piece on the sandwich and the other slice she ate by itself. The flavor of the honey butter sandwich is actually indescribable. One has to try it to understand, but it is absolutely delicious. Follow their twitter account (linked above) to find out about their daily locations so you can get you some!

The last food truck that we tried was one of @NiccoRocks‘ faves — NuVegan. If you haven’t heard of @NuVeganCafe, don’t worry, some of your favorite celebs have! Kim and Kanye West have been spotted there. Stevie Wonder has been there. Even The Champagne Papi has had a bite to eat there while in DC. IMG_3015We had BBQ drumsticks, Macaroni and Cheese, and Kale for our meal with NuVegan. Wow. It’s no wonder why all these celebrities stop by before having a performance in The Nation’s Capital. The Drumsticks were so flavorful and tangy. Obviously, super delicious. The garlic kale was light, crunchy, and “salad-y”, as Trilla would describe it. The garlic flavor, much like Rio Churrasco’s, was present but not overwhelming. And that Mac and Cheese? In THJ’s eyes mac & cheese is the epitome of soul food, and if it’s done wrong, you are instantly disappointed. But nope, NuVegan got it right. Their mac and cheese is has all the right elements that make somebody who isn’t vegan, like myself and Trilla, forget that you are eating a vegan meal. We are lovers of soul food, and NuVegan (and Nicco) has shown us that vegans don’t have to miss out on the soul and flavor when it comes to food.

After all that great food, we were kind of thirsty. What a better way to wash down all that yummy food with some yummy beer? We talked to the guys at @RavenBeer and we got the chance to try two of their beers – Raven and Annabel Lee.

The Raven is a lager and is super light. It’s so smooth going down and was a good choice for our first beer after a meal. We like our beer’s light, so we were fans of this one. Then we tried the Annabel Lee beer…and wow. This beer is named after Annabel Lee, a love interest of the Poe’s. If this beer is in any ways symbolic of his love interest in her we totally get why. This beer has such a different and unique taste to it that had both Trilla and myself saying “THIS IS MY FAVORITE!” It has a hint of ginger, coriander, and orange zest. And since everybody’s tongue palate is different, the way you taste this beer could be very different from the person next to you. Trilla and I both know that we have different palate’s but we both equally loved this beer.

Even though we did not get the chance to try all the food trucks, because @MannieFresh DJ’d such a legendary party, we have no doubt that the other food vendors were just as delicious as the ones we did get to try. We’re happy to say that The Midnite BBQ did not disappoint in any aspect and we are excited for their next event![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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