Dear Non-Believers,

I love being creative. I used to just think that being creative was just a “hobby”. That’s what I’ve been told my whole life.

But, our generation is smarter than that.

The status of “Corporate America” is changing, and for the most part millennials want no part. The Hippie Junkie started as a hobby, with Trilla and I casually paying for concert tickets in 2014 and meeting artists on the come-up that way. We applied for press at the 2015 Broccoli City Festival, and since then, #NWTS. Fast-forward to now, Mid-Sept. 2016 and this “hobby” has turned into something that Trilla and I, and call us “crazy” wouldn’t be the first, see as something we can turn into a full-fledged career.  We see a market that no one in the DMV/Baltimore area is catering to, and we believe that we’re the right girls to get that going.

This new business venture will allow us to be something that most believe don’t believe exists — a business creative (*term we got from our mentor @Paris_Cole). Yes, you can do both. THJ’s mission has always been to help creative people prosper and to give them the right platform(s) to do so. The DMV is home, and we will always root for the home-team to succeed and win. There are markets all over the NY, FL, and CA, but none in the DMV that give creatives what they want, and what they need.

Once Trilla and I buckled down and realized that we have something that a lot of DMV/Baltimore creatives need — the right network, we decided to focus our energy in making our dreams of helping others into a reality.

I write all this to say to our supporters, but mainly to our haters, doubters, non-believers, whatever y’all would call yourselves because you are out there — Gloria “Glo” Kombe and Kristina “Trilla” Austin are a force to be reckoned with.  We are two college educated black women who have found their niche. When we came to Towson University our freshman year, we knew we were destined to be “lit“, but we wanted to be lit in the wrong ways. As we got older, we realized that our passion never left us, and that it’s bigger than us.

For those who have been told that you can’t do something because it goes against the traditional way of obtaining what you believe you’re destined to do in life, do not give up.

There will be people who tell you no.

There will be people who do not support you.

There will be people who will try to stop you from succeeding.

There will be bumps while traveling down the road of success.

Use all of those as inspiration and motivation to get the job done.

Channel all of that into something positive.

And document everything.

Whether you’ve been following our wave from the jump, or you are just not getting hip to THJ, or you fall somewhere in between. We’re growing and evolving.

We’ve had our personal struggles, but have chosen to follow our destined career path, with the help of our motivators.

That being said, we will be starting to document our story of building our business(es) via a blog/vlog series titled: “Blog to Business w/ Your #FavoriteHippies“.

Every move that we make now, will be catered towards building our brand(s) as Business Creatives, and we want to share our struggles, successes, and everything that may fall in between with the world!

So start paying close attention to us, because…we’re up to something *DJ Khaled voice* *rubs hands like Birdman*.

To our true supporters — thank you for rockin’ with us whole heartedly. Thank you for believing in us. Thank you for continuing to give us work opportunities. We would not be here without you and the love you have given us. It motivates us in the most spiritual way.

To our doubters — thank you for challenging us. Thank you for thinking we’re just two girls with this unobtainable dream. People doubted the GOATs before us, and they’ll doubt the GOATs after us. Thank you for showing us in the harshest way that people will not always see the vision. Because if it wasn’t for your lack of support, we would think the business world that we are about to enter would be 100% perfect. Thank you for motivating the inner-savage in us to work twice as hard to prove you wrong.

This isn’t the first time you’ve heard our name circling around the DMV area, and in the future, you’ll be hearing it circle nation-wide…or dare I say…internationally.

Blog to Business w/ Your #FavoriteHippies …Ep1….to be continued….


  1. To My Girls!!!!! Kristina, I’m so grateful to God for continuing to pour into you. God has given your dad & I a treasure of a beautiful daughter from the inside out. Gloria, thank you for letting me treat you like my daughter, this means a lot to me. I love you both with all of my heart. I’m looking forward to your great success in life. May God continue to bless you both.

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