Dear Gucci Mane; an open letter


Dear Gucci Mane,

You’ve taught me a lot in 2016. This year has been a struggle for not just our community, but our country as well; but still you rise *on muvahs, you rose out of the ashes like a phoenix (cliche, i know). This year we’ve watched you get released from the feds, drop straight heat left and right, transform physically, and propose to the woman who held you down. You are the definition of the saying “diamonds are made under pressure”. You have taught me that your hardest battle is key to your breakthrough. You have shown me the fruits of labor even when the odds are against you. You have motivated me to push harder, grow mentally, transform physically, and prosper professionally. You have inspired so many of us to continue, to keep growing. I just want to thank you for motivating a young bull.




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